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May 5, 2017: Letter in English by a Ukrainian women in prison in HK for drug trafficking:

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Her original letter in Russian is here:

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April 28, 2017:  This is Magdy, an Egyptian man living in Ukraine, responsible for the Ukrainian woman (above) in prison on a drug trafficking charge. Photos from his VK (= Russian Facebook) page

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Inmate says Magdy's wife recruited her. Wife told her Magdy was good friends for many years with a Nigerian, Mike, who lives in Nigeria. Mike's brother "Diego"/"Frank", lives in Cambodia. Inmate met "Frank" in Cambodia in January 2017. A friend of "Frank" gave a parcel and airline tickets to inmate in Phnom Penh. Inmate was told parcel contained diamonds. Flight to HK left from Siem Reap, Cambodia's busiest airport.

Maybe "Frank" is a friend of Nwoko in this story? 
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